English Lit drinking game: take a shot every time you try to think of a synonym for “represents”

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everything is sort of weird and sad and i want to sleep next to you

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20 Oct 14 at 12 pm

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boy: what that mouth do
me: talk shit

"The kind of love letters I write are the ones you read in bed, stretched out under the sheets with one hand between your legs."

19 Oct 14 at 1 am

Colleen Brown, “I’m not there for you, I’m here for you”

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"She called me at 2 a.m., woke me up from a deep sleep because my Sherlock main theme ringtone interrupted my dream of a better life. When I answered the phone in a daze, I said hello half-awake and all I could hear was the sound of her losing her breath between deep sobs and sniffling. She didn’t say anything for 15 minutes. Just let the sound of her world shattering fill my ears. When she finally caught her words she said my name like it was the last thing she would ever be able to say. Before I could reply with worry, there was a knock at her front door and then the sound of it opening. She turned to her bedroom door to find me standing in the frame. Still half-asleep, still listening. She opened her mouth and the only thing that fell out was silence. I invited myself in her bed, took her body in my arms and her sobbing started again. This time it came in great waves. Waves big enough to pull the both of us under its current. I just lay there, letting her shake in my arms. I was still half-asleep but I was fully aware that she didn’t need the overwhelming silence of our 2 a.m. phone call to know that I was there for her. She needed me to be right beside her."

“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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18 Oct 14 at 12 pm

Rudy Francisco

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"The human heart beats approximately 4,000 times per hour and each pulse, each throb, each palpitation is a trophy engraved with the words “you are still alive.” You are still alive. Act like it."